• Football Manager Classic 2014 (PSV)
  • Football Manager Classic 2014 (PSV)
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Žánr: Sportovní manažer
Platforma: PS Vita
Lokalizace: EN
Multiplayer: TBA
Obal a manuál: EN

The best-selling footie management game storms onto the PlayStation Vita in Football Manager Classic 2014, a fast-paced but feature-rich version of the soccer franchise. As expected from the makers of this meticulously researched sports sim, Football Manager Classic 2014 for Vita includes the huge database of players based on data from 1,500 scouts around the world, a 3D match engine showing the action, a full tactics module, realistic transfers, AI that makes both players and managers act as you'd expect them to in the real world, and dozens of playable leagues, with hundreds of manageable clubs from all over the world.