Agents of Mayhem (PC)

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Agents of Mayhem (PS4)

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Agents of Mayhem (XOne)

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Agony (PC)

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Agony (PS4)

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Agony (XOne)

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Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers (PC)

Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers is a unique flight simulation with strategy elements and a compelling storyline. The game is focused on aircraft missions during WW2 that are started from aircraft carriers. Choose your side: US Navy vs. Japanese Imperial Navy.

99 Kč
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars (PC)

Air Conflicts: Secret Wars is an arcade flight simulation set in a world war I+II scenario. During the 7 campaigns the player has to fly and fight through over 48 missions. Before taking off, the player can choose between different aircrafts, each with different strengths and weaknesses.Within the missions the player gets different objectives like patrolling, sneaking, hit & run, bombing and escorting. Objectives are presented as dialogues between different characters. After some missions th

359 Kč
Air Conflicts: Vietnam (PC)

Vietnam War. It is the year 1965. A conflict, that began 20 years ago, escalates. Vietnam is a divided country. The communistic North fights against the anti-communistic South in a fierce civil war.The USA are at Cold War with the Soviet Union and, in order to demonstrate their interests, they decide to support South Vietnam in the fight against the communistic Vietcong troops.Witness the story of Joe Thompson, a brave pilot of the US Air Force during the Vietnam War. He reaches Vietnam as one o

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