Battle of the Bands (Wii)

Band Mashups is the first time a musical “mashup” game has been delivered on Wii, allowing players to battle it out with their preferred musical style. Band Mashups features both an exciting two player versus mode and an extensive single-player campaign where players take on the role of one of eleven bands trying to topple the nefarious big boss Mr. Hong and take control of the faraway city of New Cadenza. Band Mashups introduces the innovative concept of “music switching,&rdqu

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Car Charger (Wii)

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Cooling Fan (Wii)

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Cooling USB Fan (Wii)

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Deepack Chorpa Leela (Wii)

Deepak Chopra's Leela is a groundbreaking interactive experience that combines ancient relaxation and meditation techniques with technology to bring focus, energy and balance to your life.

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Disney Sing It: Family Hits (Wii)

In Disney Sing It: Family Hits, players will use the pitch bar to assist in hitting the right notes and can sing solo, partner up for a duet, compete head-to head, or pass the microphone around to up to 8 players in the Family Mode. To relive key moments, the Sing It Encore Mode enables players to play back their performances and add fun effects to customize their tunes.

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DJ Hero 2 (Wii)

DJ Hero 2 will transform living rooms into nightclubs letting budding beat chemists, singing sensations and all of their friends fire up two turntables and a microphone to experience their favorite music together as they've never heard it before. The follow-up to the award-winning, #1 new videogame IP of 2009, DJ Hero 2 delivers the ultimate way for gamers to come together with a host of new multiplayer modes that pit DJ against DJ in unique Battle Mixes, invite vocalists into the spotlight with

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Exclusive Bag (Wii)

Tato je vytvořena pro konzole Wii. Najdete v ní přihrádky na Wii konzoli, hry, ovladače a ostatní příslušenství. I když je brašna velice lehká, dokáže plně ochránit veškerý obsah.

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Hannah Montana The Movie (Wii)

Hannah Montana The Movie, join Hannah Montana and live the rock star life while you get to know Miley Stewart and explore the world she left back in Tennessee. Perform as Hannah Montana to raise funds or play as Miley Stewart and explore Crowley Corners. Rock out at 6 different concert venues and perform to 12 Hannah hit-songs. Find spotlights that lead to special performance spots where Hannah can interact and jam with other band members on stage. Dance to the beat and trigger exciting dance mo

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