8 to Glory (PS4)

529 Kč
8-Bit Armies (PS4)

579 Kč
88 Heroes (PS4)

389 Kč

469 Kč
Addditional Battery Pack (PS4)

Additional battery pack PS4TM 1 battery capacity of 1 200 mAh. Double the battery life (up additional game 5 h). Lightweight and preserve the ergonomics of the controller. Easily connects directly to the back of the joystick DUALSHOCK® 4. Allow the battery attached permanently to the handle and charge both the battery and the controller. Rechargeable via standard micro USB cable included. Can be recharged while continuing to play, to maximize the playing time.

539 Kč
Agents of Mayhem (PS4)

199 Kč
Agony (PS4)

699 Kč