2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil (PS3)

Experience all the Fun, Excitement, and Drama of Football's Greatest Event. Multiple improvements and innovations to the award-winning gameplay of FIFA 14, plus 100 new animations, make EA SPORTS 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil the most accessible, fun, and exciting EA SPORTS FIFA title on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Bring to life the world's greatest tournament by choosing from 203 National Teams in the deepest set of modes ever in a tournament title from EA SPORTS. Immerse yourself in the FIFA Worl

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4K HDMI cable 3m (PS4)

HDMI cable 4K ULTRA HD PS4TM Gold-plated connector Restoration of audio and video signal in 1080 p and 2160 p Resolutions up to 4k at 50/60 Hz (2160 p supported)  Very good visual rendering in 3D, projecting the viewer into the heart of the action, 2160 p and 1080 p The ARC function enables the transfer of the audio signal via the HDMI cable to your TV or your amplifier High speed Ethernet to share your Internet connection (see the use of your TV guide) Deep Color up to 48-bit / sR

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8 to Glory (PS4)

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8-Bit Armies (PS4)

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88 Heroes (PS4)

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Addditional Battery Pack (PS4)

Additional battery pack PS4TM 1 battery capacity of 1 200 mAh. Double the battery life (up additional game 5 h). Lightweight and preserve the ergonomics of the controller. Easily connects directly to the back of the joystick DUALSHOCK® 4. Allow the battery attached permanently to the handle and charge both the battery and the controller. Rechargeable via standard micro USB cable included. Can be recharged while continuing to play, to maximize the playing time.

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Agarest Generation of War (PS3)

At the dawn of time, the world of Agarest was plunged into a terrible war between the forces of good and evil. Entire races fought and died for their divine masters, ending in the total destruction of Agarest. The victorious Gods of light unified their defeated foes, creating a new world and sealing their broken bodies into an eternity of darkness.With the ancient wars fading into distant memory, all have forgotten the evil slumbering beneath their feet, but the darkness remembers. It watches. I

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Agarest: Generations of War 2 (PS3)

One day, the world was enveloped by a mysterious blinding light causing terrible destruction. The central continent, from where the light is believed to have originated from, went silent, while at the same time demons began to spread throughout the world like a plague.Sometime afterwards, a young man by the name of Weiss, suffering from amnesia, encounters the enigmatic Eva, from who Weiss learns that he has committed the sin of decide. In order to atone for his crime he must become the "Vessel"

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Agarest: Generations of War Zero (PS3)

In a time long forgotten, the gods of darkness and light fought in a savage battle across generations, ravaging the land they had created. A deadlock ensued leaving the Scarred Mountains to divide the continent between the sworn enemies.With wounds running so deep, the balance could not last forever and soon the darkness would arise to face its foe once again. In this most pivotal installment of our epic tale, we take you back to that most ancient of battles revealing the story of events precedi

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